Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stash Report - January 29, 2012

Well I am NOT going to count all this fabric.  I work for a designer and has fabrics that are outdated, not her style, or just doesn't like them.  The small house just won't hold them all.  I make charity quilts for our guild so they most often get used in that area.  Well do pull out some of my own when I need just that color.  For the most part it's FQ but some are smaller. 

Used this week:  0 yards
Used year to date:  2 yards
Added this week:  0 yards and one big box
Added year to date: 14 yards and one big box
Net Used for 2012:   -12 yards
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  1. I'd have to measure, even if I didn't add to my stash, just out of curiousity! How wonderful to be able to make charity quilts out of "extra" fabrics.

  2. You and your guild are truly blessed with all that fabric. A lot of folks will be comforted with the quilts made.

  3. Wow - look at all that fabric. Bet your guild makes some pretty quilts with it.