Saturday, December 22, 2012

Missing part

I'm I missing a cover under the fly wheel??? 

And what is the large thumb screw above the metal decal on the large arm of the shown in the picture for??? 


  1. The large thumb screw is for your stitch length. Turn it one way they stitches are longer turn the other they get smaller. However it you turn nothing happens, do not fret it just stuck and need more cleaning and oiling. The area under the hand wheel is called a motor boss. It is where a hand crank can be attached, or where the bracket that hold the motor is attached to the machine head.

  2. Hi Roberta! You just commented about my scottie dog quilt on my blog but your're a No Reply blogger so I couldn't email you back. Check your settings and make sure that you mark email visible.

    Chris Weekend Wisdom